Sam Huffstetler is an FAA authorized Recognized Air Boss, Multi-Venue, the highest level of Air Boss accreditation. He has worked large and small shows throughout the United States, including multi-day military events anchored by top civilian performers, complex Combat Search and Rescue demonstrations, the US Army Golden Knights, US Navy Blue Angels, and the USAF Thunderbirds.  He is widely respected as a professional Air Boss by air show producers and performers alike and has volunteered his abilities to both train and standardize Air Bosses within the United States and Canada.

Sam was born into aviation, washing airplanes for flight time and soloing on his 16th birthday.  Graduating from North Carolina State University, Sam entered the Air Force and flew three operational tours in the F-15C Eagle, becoming an instructor pilot in both the F-15 and AT-38B. He later joined JetBlue Airways, becoming a Line Check Captain in the A320.  Some would say that he is “eaten up by all things aviation.”  He remains an active Certificated Flight Instructor and FAST-certified formation flight lead.

Moving into the Air Boss arena, Sam trained under the critical eye of the most highly respected Air Bosses in the world.  He has extensive experience controlling civilian, military, remote and water shows and understands the challenging dynamics of large-scale WWII trainer parades and warbird demonstrations. In addition, Sam is adept at navigating the oft-times difficult 7711-2 waiver process and is a valuable asset for show producers trying to meet demanding FAA approval criteria.

Sam and wife Susan live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and both are proud members of the International Council of Air Shows.